Friday, 10 February 2017

Telecom Solutions Architect

Telecom Solutions Architect

Location: Lagos Island

Expiry Date: Friday 17th February, 2017

Job Summary
H/She will work with strategic telcom partners. This is a hands-on, highly technical position for someone who can dive deep, build complex, optimized architectures, and develop a long-term strategy with the business development and service teams.

·         Work with Telco partners to understand their connectivity requirements and troubleshoot issues.
·         Interface with Telco teams and properly troubleshoot all ranges of issues.
·         Maintain accurate documentation of new and existing connectivity.
·         Understand key quality metrics of Voice, SMS, and USSD communication and implement testing to ensure our platforms are consistently performing at their peak.
·         Write internal documentation that is easy to follow and accurate.
·         Troubleshoot SIP, SMPP, IPSec connectivity and communicate.
·         Drive migration and other projects for capacity and planning.
·         Provide support and guidance that enables the team to self-organize and to achieve sustained high velocity and predictability.

·         Ideal candidate will have a background in Linux administration.
·         Masters / Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent.
·         5+ years of experience of hands-on experience developing distributed systems based on PHP, Java, C++, Python or .NET technologies.
·         Great engineering skills and strong Computer Science fundamentals.
·         3+ years’ experience building solutions and integrating systems in Telco environments.
·         Packet analysis with common tools such as Wireshark.
·         Specialist in various Telco integration i.e IN/OCS, Provisioning Systems (TopEng/HLR/RIM), SMSC/USSDC/MMS, BSS/OSS and CRM/ERP etc.
·         Understanding of common networking subjects such as IPSec VPNs, subnets, IPv4, NAT and PAT.
·         Experience managing engineers in a high technical and complex operations environment.
·         Ability to navigate Telco environments both technical and business approvals.
·         Troubleshooting with common operating systems such as Linux and open source software applications.
·         Self-starter that can take on obscure requirements and figure out how best to make them work.
·         Eager to take on new things.

How to Apply:
Qualified candidates should kindly send their CVs to:

Please indicate the subject of the email as “Telecom Solutions Architect”.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.